Matt Shipman


Calling Maine his home for the last 12 years, Matt is no stranger to the performance circuit throughout New England and afar. In addition to the guitar and mandolin, Matt plays bouzouki, tenor banjo and Old Time 5-string banjo. Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vermont College in 2004, majoring in Traditional Music Studies. During his time there, he toured through Nova Scotia, North Carolina and Maine compiling songs and stories from people he met, which later culminated as a radio documentary about traditional music in the 21st Century. Matt currently teaches at 317 Main St. Community Music Center and can be heard playing with Darlin’ Corey, Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection, High Range, The New England Bluegrass Band and in various Irish music ensembles. Matt has put out recordings with High Range and Erica Brown and played on others with Ron Cody’s “Talking Rake”, Joe Walsh’s “Sweet Loam” and Brad Strauss’ “Close to the Bone”. He also has released 2 recordings of his own.

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