Matt Shipman


Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection 

Darol Anger says about Erica Brown “The kind of musician that gives musicians a good name” and she has done just that for her band as well. Erica Brown and The Bluegrass Connection is a five-piece band featuring some of the finest musicians in New England. The band features award winning fiddler and singer Erica Brown, Matt Shipman on mandolin, Lincoln Meyers on guitar, Eli Gilbert on banjo and Kris Day on bass. They are energetic, fun and diverse as they incorporate music from the traditional Bluegrass, Folk and Country repertoire as well as French Canadian fiddle music and original songs. Click the name above or visit for upcoming shows, recordings and more!

Darlin’ Corey

From the northern reach of the Appalachian Trail comes the musical duo Darlin’ Corey. Drawing on the many threads of North American folk music, their elegant harmonies are the beating heart of their sound, in both their original music and the traditional Bluegrass, Old Time, and Franco-American music they regularly showcase. In Darlin’ Corey’s singing and playing, you can feel the many years of dedication to these celebrated musical traditions. Click the name above or visit to check it out.

Josephine County                   

Josephine County is more than the combination of four powerful traditional musicians. It is a gathering of friends, sharing their expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm for music ranging from the United States to French Canada to Ireland and back. Erica Brown, Matt Shipman, Hanz Araki, and Colleen Raney very simply create an exceptional musical experience.

Award-winning fiddler and singer Erica Brown dedicated herself to traditional music at a very young age. Classical, French Canadian, Bluegrass, Country, and much more can be found in her wide-range of musical styles. Her talent for combining the precision of classical music with the spontaneity of country and bluegrass fiddle makes for a fun-filled performance, every time she plays. 

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Shipman’s love of traditional music is apparent in his mastery of Bluegrass, Country, and Irish styles of playing. Matt has called Maine his home for many years, and is no stranger to national and international touring. His detailed and thoughtful guitar, bouzouki, and banjo playing captivate and delight audiences while his singing is clear and rooted in the traditions he loves.

Traditional Irish flute player and singer Hanz Araki is known worldwide for his innovative approach. His musical sensibility is both inspired and disciplined and has made him a household name from the UK to Japan.  Hanz is known for his exquisite instrumental work on both Irish whistle and flute, and a haunting singing voice that was born to tell tales. 

Colleen Raney is among the finest interpreters of traditional songs of her generation. Her singing brings warmth and authenticity to the songs she collects. Colleen is compelled by the beauty of traditional Irish songs and has committed herself to honoring the music not just with her voice, but in her tireless research of the origins and story behind each piece. Colleen’s bodhrán playing is both driving and nuanced as it weaves between melody and rhythm.

Side By Each

Side By Each features two powerful musical couples, Don and Cindy Roy and Matt Shipman and Erica Brown.The roots run deep in Side By Each as Don and Cindy Roy’s music goes back in each of their families to the Canadian Maritimes and Quebec. In 2018, they were awarded a National Heritage Fellowship Award as leading exponents in Franco-American traditional music in Maine. Erica Brown grew up studying fiddle with Don from the age of 8 for many years. A virtuosic fiddler and singer herself, of not only Franco- American music but now bluegrass as well, she fits right in with Don and Cindy like they have never stopped playing. Matt Shipman is not only an interpreter of traditional music of which he has studied and played for many years, but also weaves that love of tradition into his singing and solid accompaniment with bouzouki and guitar. Together with Don and Erica’s fiddling, Cindy’s rhythmic piano, foot work and step dancing, Matt’s guitar and bouzouki work, and Matt and Erica’s vocals, they bring a lively show to audiences across the US and Canada. 

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